Indian Overseas Bank Singapore

Indian Overseas Bank Singapore

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Indian Overseas Bank Singapore Branches

Indian Overseas Bank Singapore is another Indian bank which offers services in many of the Singapore citizens since the year of 1941, however, there are some certain facts which hold this banking institution to grow in Singapore. One of the main advantages that their clients experience is the limited amount of the branches they launch in Singapore. They have only two branches in Singapore but both of them are directly located in the middle of the most popular financial districts of the country. In addition to this, they have signed various agreements with other Indian and international banks in order to use the ATMs in common to expand their banking network in the country.

They offer services to businesses and therefore it is not possible to receive services as an individual. Maybe this is the main reason why they do not want to run more branches in the country since 1941. In case we will consider both of their branches, you can receive services starting from 09.30 to 20.30. Moreover, you can take the advantage of their internet banking and telephone banking services in addition to the kiosks that they have located in various parts of the nation.

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