Bank of India Singapore

Bank of India Singapore

Bank of India Singapore is another Indian bank which is operating in Singapore since 1951 and they have all kinds of customers in their portfolio. They located their main branch in the middle of the most important financial district of Singapore in order to provide convenience to their customers. Although the bank is one of the leading banking institutions in Singapore they have only two branches but they offer services via various channels such as ATMs, internet banking and telephone banking in addition to their branches. They aim to please each of their customers with their high-quality services and understanding of offering services.

Some of the main services they provide to any of their clients are remittances, placement of deposits in major currencies in Singapore, options, and Forex, loans, and syndications as well as trade finance. In the event that you would like to receive a service from their branches, it will be possible for you to let your transactions done between 9.30 to 20.00. In addition to these, the bank signed agreements with other banks in order to use the ATMs in common and in this way, they increased their banking network in Singapore which is another advantage for their customers.

SBI Singapore or which is also known as State Bank of India is another foreign bank which is offering services to people in Singapore for a very long time. They offer all kinds of banking services from personal loans to business loans, mortgage loans to credit cards, debit cards to financial support. They have more than 15 branches in the nation and they have located all of them in the city center. Although they mainly serve to the locals of Singapore It is possible to receive their services through various means such as the ATMs, branches, internet and telephone banking, however, the transactions you can perform may be limited depending on the means.

If you are looking for a reliable bank which will be easy to receive services from then you can prefer SBI Singapore who is really hard-working and know how to please their customers at all cost. They offer services for 24 hours through all of their channels but some of the branches will be closed during the certain periods. You can find most of their branches around the popular districts which will allow you to receive services at anytime you want or whenever you will need them.

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