Bangkok Bank Singapore

Bangkok Bank Singapore

Bangkok Bank Singapore is another foreign bank that is offering services in Singapore as you can understand from the name of the bank. The main difference of this bank is that they do focus on corporate customers rather than the individual customers. This means that you need to be a business in order to receive services from them. Some of the services they offer include import and export services, remittance, deposit, savings and current accounts, fixed deposit accounts, foreign exchange services, and of course corporate lending. They are also one of the biggest banking institutions in Asia which they have millions of retail customers from all around the world.

Since they offer corporate services they do not have any ATM in Singapore. They also have only one branch and one headquarters in Singapore. They are located in Cecil Street which is the heart of finance in Singapore and they are known for their high-quality customer support. It is quite easy to open an account in their bank and all you have to do is visit their branch or contact with them through email or phone. They are able to send you a representative in order to carry out the paperwork on behalf of you to start an account on their bank.


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