Bank of India Singapore Swift Code

Bank of India Singapore Swift Code

The swift code of Bank of India Singapore: BKIDSGSG

Bank of India Singapore is the second biggest Indian banking institution which is offering services in Singapore since the year of 1951. They are one of the reliable banking institutions which have the highest customer retention rates. This is maybe because they offer services to the limited audience due to the low amount of branches they launch in Singapore. They have only 2 branches but both of them are located in the most popular financial district of Singapore. In the event that you are one of their customers, then you probably already know how high-quality services they offer together with the customer representatives which want to help you.

In this article, we will share the swift code of Bank of India Singapore but before providing this information let us briefly explain what is a swift code. Swift codes are the international codes used to specify the banks and all of the international money transfers are carried out with the help of these figures. This means that you need to provide the swift code of your bank in order to receive money from abroad.

SBI Singapore is an Indian bank which offers all kinds of banking services to the people in Singapore. They have more than 15 branches and lots of ATMs all around the country to help them to serve more than a million of clients that they have. They offer their services with many means and they train their employees meet the needs of any type of their customers such as individual customers or retail customers. However there are some issues that even the employees of the bank will not be able to help you such as receiving money from abroad that is not under your control.

In order to receive money from abroad you need to provide a specific information to the sender which is the swift code. Each bank has its own swift code and although the same bank operating in two different nations will have two different swift codes. In this article we will be sharing the swift code for SBI Singapore but let us provide you some information about what it is. It is an international code which defines the bank that the money will be transferred to and it is mandatory provide this information.

Otherwise, the transaction will not be initiated and here is the swift code of Bank of India Singapore: BKIDSGSG

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