Indian Overseas Bank Singapore Swift Code

Indian Overseas Bank Singapore Swift Code

In the event that you are looking for the swift code of Indian Overseas Bank Singapore, here it is: IOBASGSG

Indian Overseas Bank Singapore is an Indian company that is offering banking services in Singapore since 1941 and they have been served to thousands of businesses in the nation since then. They only offer services to retail customers as well as businesses and therefore, it will not be possible for tourists or individuals to receive services from this banking institution. In addition to their limited number of branches in Singapore, they also offer services through various means such as internet banking and telephone banking. In the following paragraph, you will find the detailed information about the swift code and the swift code of Indian Overseas Bank Singapore

The swift code is an international code which specifies the banks. Each of the banks has their own swift code and although a company has banks in two various countries with the same name, the swift codes of these banking institutions will differ. These codes are required in order to initiate and realize various transactions between the banks and it is not possible to receive services or send any money internationally without this code.

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