Indian Overseas Bank Singapore Branches and Opening Hours

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Indian Overseas Bank Singapore is another Indian banking institution which is operating in Singapore and offering services to citizens since 1941. The main difference of this bank is that it only offers services to businesses and retail customers. Therefore, as an individual customer, you will not be able to receive services from this banking institution. In this article, we will provide you a detailed information about the branches of Indian Overseas Bank Singapore as well as their opening and closing hours. Before starting to any of them, it will be worth to note that they have [su_label type="success"]only two branches in Singapore[/su_label] but they offer services through other means such as telephone banking and internet banking as well.

Although they have only two branches in the country, both of them are located in the most popular financial districts of the nation and therefore their customers have a convenience in terms of accessing to their services through their branches. And in the event that we consider all of their customers are businesses, that is one of the great services that a bank offer to them.

Opening and Closing Hours of RHB Bank Singapore Branches

09.30 - 03.30


14.30 - 20.30

Indian Overseas Bank Singapore Branches

  • Main Branch

    64, Cecil Street
    IOB Building
    Singapore - 049711
    Tel: 62251100 Fax: 62244490

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