DBS Bank Singapore

DBS Bank Singapore

DBS Bank Singapore is one of the Asian banks which is headquartered in Singapore itself. The bank belongs to the DBS Group and they promote their brand as the safest bank in Asia. Besides the bank itself is the largest banking chain in the nation, DBS Group which owns the banks is also the greatest financial institution in Singapore. The bank offers various services such as business banking, consumer banking, and private banking. As of today, DBS Bank Singapore offers services to 4.6 million citizens in the nation including both local and foreign customers. The bank continues to offer services with 90 branches in Singapore with more than 8000 employees across the nation. They offer services with various means such as telephone banking, internet banking and so on. You can 24/7 contact with the customer support in order to perform any transactions related to your accounts. If you are looking for a reliable banking service in Singapore, you can prefer DBS Banking Singapore which also has branches in some of the other cities in Asia such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan. They also serve to both individual customers as well as the retail customers with various services they offer.


Personal Banking
Loss of ATM Cards 1800 339 6963
(65) 6339 6963 from overseas
DBS Phone Banking and General Enquiries 1800 111 1111
(65) 6327 2265 from overseas
POSB Phone Banking and General Enquiries 1800 339 6666
(65) 6339 6666 from overseas
DBS Wealth Management Phone Banking and General Enquiries 1800 221 1111
(65) 6221 1111 from overseas
Housing, Car, Renovation & Study loans 6333 0033
(65) 6333 0033 from overseas,
9:00am to 5:30pm Mon - Fri
9:00 am to 12:30 pm Sat excluding Public Holidays
Corporate Banking / SME Banking
DBS Phone Banking 1800 222 2200
(65) 6222 2200 from overseas
General Enquiries 1800 222 2200
(65) 6222 2200 from overseas,
8:30 am to 8:30 pm Mon - Fri excluding Public Holidays


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